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Is online poker safe?

Whether you are serious poker player or somebody just wanting to have fun playing online poker, there is one thing common. You must be sure that you are being treated fair and square. However, with so many options being available, many of us could often be in a bit of confusion when it comes to separating the grain from the chaff. Though we may brush aside the threat of rigged rooms as all stories there is no denying the fact that in an online situation there are risks of rigging. Hence the onus lies on us to find out ways and means by which we are able to separate the grain from the chaff.

Some Tell Tale Signs To Look Out For

Though it would be difficult to straight jacket malpractices in online poker sites, if you ask an experienced player he or she would talk about some classic symptoms and signs which one should be aware. If you come across too many bad beats then there is chance to believe that the room could be rigged. Any online gambling game is a case of probabilities and therefore you should expect a good beat at least once in a while. You also could have very bad heads leading to bad pots and here too there are reasons to believe that there is rigging involved because usually not all bad heads lead to bad pots by default. If you see this happening too often you have reasons to believe that there could be some rigging taking place.

Players Could Also Cheat

In an online environment it is possible that one player could masquerade as several players and they will start playing against one another. This certainly is a big challenge and unless the online outlet is able to establish the individual identity of each player then it could carry on for years. It could certainly deprive the honest players of fair play and transparency.

The Nuisance Of Insiders

Hackers often masquerade and players and the cheating happens when they get well and truly involved in the beats and hands. The onus therefore lies on the online sites to ensure that the sites are protected from hackers and they should have foolproof ways and means by which any hacking is prevented.

The Risk Of Bots

We often come across a player or even a group of them who have unimaginable statistics at their disposal. We often get misled by the statistics they throw around. This could be the work of some bots and therefore we should be aware of the same.

Action Hands

We often come across something known as action hands in an online poker game environment. The objective of action hands is to increase the action part albeit in a deceitful manner. Though it might look tough, there are many occasions where it is very much possible. Hands can be fixed and this is done certainly with the connivance and complicity of the online outlet.

Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that while many safety measures have been taken to make online poker playing fair and square, there is possibility of rigging and we should be aware of this fact at all points of time.


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